Effective Communication is Good For Your Health

To be human is to communicate – to talk, listen, and respond to other human beings.  But this constant dialogue has a DRAMATIC EFFECT ON OUR BODIES, ESPECIALLY ON THE HEART AND BLOOD VESSELS.  In his path-breaking work, “The Language of the Heart,” Dr. James J. Lynch conclusively demonstrates for the first time how simple human dialogue dramatically affects the body’s entire cardiovascular system.  The familiar process of talking and listening to others has important consequences for health and well- being.

“The language of the heart,” according to Dr. James J. Lynch, is much more than a poetic metaphor for thoughts and feelings we cannot name; it is a medically established reality.  By continuously monitoring blood pressure and other vital signs, Lynch and his associates investigated the impact of human dialogue in hundreds of experiments and clinical settings among migraine patients and sufferers of hypertension as well as among people with normal blood pressure.

The findings astonished subjects and researchers alike.  The blood pressure of every subject rose when that person spoke and went down when each listened.  Even more intriguing, most of the subjects were completely oblivious of these dramatic changes.  Dr. Lynch argues that this language of the heart cries out to be heard; if ignored, unanswered, or misunderstood, it can produce terrible physical suffering, even premature death.

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