Learn how it works

Answer questions and become aware of how you think you communicate as a listener when your partner is speaking, and how you think your partner communicates as a listener when you are speaking.

Learn how it works

By answering questions become aware of how you communicate with your partner when you are speaking and similarly, of how your partner communicates with you when speaking.

Learn how it works

By answering questions you become aware of the environments in which you communicate with your partner and the environments in which your partner communicates with you.

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A welcome and introduction to The Marriage Mirror® from the founder – Art Robertson, Ph. D.

Listen, Speak, Environment

Answer questions about how you and your partner listen and speak to each other. Learn about the environments in which you communicate, and your partner will do the same. Then prepare to enjoy better communication!

Fact: Couples that communicate effectively have a happier relationship!

Marital research dispels all doubt: couples who communicate effectively consistently report greater marital satisfaction. These couples are healthier, and happier, and positively influence other couples-consequently these couples may also live longer.

Couples with poor communication are often caught in a vicious cycle where poor communication contributes to marital dissatisfaction, which in turn further hinders the ability to successfully communicate. The cycle, when not corrected, continues to degrade the relationship.

Effective communication is the ability to have a common understanding between the speaker and listener as to what the speaker intends to communicate.  This is more natural for children than it is for adults. Often as adults, we are unaware of the behaviors that hinder effective communication.  The Marriage Mirror identifies things you are doing well and reinforces them and pinpoints your “blind spots”  that hinder communication and provides the methodologies you can use to change your communication for the better.

You will have the ability to develop a Personal Action Plan that will lead you through a proven process to communication success. As you conduct your experiment with The Marriage Mirror®, it is our prayer that you will enjoy the process and the positive results.


The Marriage Mirror® is the perfect place to bring increased enjoyment in communication with your partner.

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If you and your partner would like to enjoy the benefits of better communication, start right here. You will answer a few questions about how you each communicate in three basic areas, as a listener, a speaker, and your choice of time and place for communication.