Developed by Dr. Arthur K. Robertson,

Created in response to a perceived need and desire to help couples communicate better.

Dr. Robertson realized early in his career, that the rate of successful marriages was declining. As the Senior Pastor of his church he was particularly concerned because he had conducted marriage ceremonies for many couples, some of which ended in divorce. So great was his concern that he discontinued the practice of marrying couples in 1975 and posed the question, “What is it that makes marriages work?”

Robertson found that the primary causes of failed marriages to be, sexual dysfunction, money, children problems, and above all poor communication. Poor communication, a problem in itself, was a key element in the other three areas as well. Specifically, it was poor communication which was partly to blame in sexual dysfunction and the inability of a couple to solve their money and children difficulties. As Robertson concluded, all of the major problems stated for divorce, were, in essence, communication problems. Dr. Lyman K. Steil, known as the “International Ambassador of Listening” and Founder of the Internatonal Listening Assoc. graciously provided Robertson with fifty years of research on effective listening. Working with Manny as a friend and mentor over the next years opened the door to significant knowledge and pracical application of the subject.

Robertson, a consultant teaching effective listening skills to major corporations, began the process that would later be called THE MARRIAGE MIRROR ™. In fact, it was the feedback from participants in his listening workshops that influenced him to pursue this venture. By show-of-hands responses, ninety-five percent of 16,000 managers attending Robertson’s listening workshops seemed to want to improve communications with their spouse more than with their colleagues. This conclusion was supported by the participants’ desire to receive literature on improving communication with their spouse.

Dr. Robertson commissioned over seven marriage professionals to prepare The Marriage Mirror in its several components. It took years to bring it to its current stage of development.

Originally designed as an “over-the-counter” product for couples, without the help of a marriage counselor or therapist. And, more recently, it has been modified for use on the Internet.

The listening inventory has been provided to hundreds of managers and professionals who were shown to have statistically improved their listening communication in a retest analysis by their colleagues.

The listening material has been used by:

  • The FBI Academy in Quantiaco, VA.
  • Coca Cola of NY
  • General Motors
  • New York Life
  • General Foods
  • The NY Yankees
  • The NY Giants
  • IBM
  • And many other corporations, colleges and universities.

More than 90% of those who followed the advice (those that took the course and completed the inventory) were seen by their colleagues to have statistically improved their listening communication.

The analysis before and after was measured by a clinical psychologist.

In addition, Dr. Robertson has been listed in:

  • Outstanding Educators in America
  • Who’s Who in the World
  • Who’s Who in the East
  • Who’s Who in Religion
  • Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award, 2019
  • Who’s Who In America
  • Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in his chosen fields.

Created by:

Arthur Robertson, Ph.D.
Corporate Consultant
College Professor
Effective Communication & Development, Inc.,
1989 to present.

Marriage Mirror Co-Created by

David Benner, Ph.D
Bernard Guerney, Ph.D.
Peter Hill, Ph.D.
Roger Petersen, Ph.D.
Jack Mills
Bob Monahan

  • THE MARRIAGE MIRROR™ and, is designed to assist and counsel married couples.
  • THE MARRIAGE MIRROR™ and, is for improving your relationships and marriage, through improved communication.
  • THE MARRIAGE MIRROR™ and, is an online non-downloadable counseling and therapy software system.
  • THE MARRIAGE MIRROR™ and, is available by subscription only.
  • THE MARRIAGE MIRROR™ and, is not a substitute for Professional help.